Hints and tips for a successful National 3 Peaks challenge

Nine key things to be aware of...


As a business we moved away from running National 3 Peaks challenges because we felt they weren't in the interests of the environment or even the social interests of communities in places like the Lake District.

However, as we move to an electric vehicle world and a shift in thinking, we are working on some key projects where we plant trees to offset carbon, move more stealthily at quiet times and even use electric vehicles with reduced challenge time pressures.

So, to support these challenges, and to help others in their challenges, here are nine things to help your challenge to be more successful -

1. Safety is the most important thing with this challenge. Mountain Rescue teams across the areas are called out on numerous preventable calls each year for teams and people who are not prepared, unskilled and with a gung ho attitude to the mountains. Know what you're doing or get yourself a qualified Guide or Leader. Links below to mountain specific weather forecasts -




2. You don't have to have the most expensive kit but you do need the right kit. Don't skimp and also consider seasonal changes. Weather can turn quickly so even if you start when it's okay it could turn rapidly. CLICK HERE for a link to a blog for walks in the UK mountains that you can build on.

3. Consider your hydrations strategy and if you're planning on using gels or things like electrolyte tablets, try them in advance. On Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike (if going from Wasdale Head) you're likely to pass a natural water source so a collapsible mug could be useful to slurp some water on the go.

4. One of the biggest challenges is how to manage your personal admin while travelling. Look to keep your space dry and tidy. Get changed out of mountain kit before getting on the way. Have snacks and fluid ready to top up. Do all of this first.

5. Rest as much as you can while travelling. That could be a podcast, playlist, audible book etc. Maybe even a blanket and pillow to really kick back and relax. Once you've sorted out your admin you need to chill out.

6. Ask your driver to give you a 45min warning before getting to Scafell Pike and also Snowdon. Get your head in gear. Have a plan for getting out of the vehicle and cracking on. If you have wet kit to put on, just suck it up and get moving. Make it slick. No faff. Have a plan.

7. Try out kit before the challenge. Stuff like poles, rucksack straps, zips, hoods, how to pack your rucksack etc. If you roll up on the first mountain and have to tit around with kit you'll be in poor mental order. You should know how poles extend and what goes where. No excuses here.

8. Minimise your overall faff on the mountain. If you have to stop 10 times for 10mins that's over an hour and a half. Be slick. Set a steady pace and if you have to stop do a few things at once. Check laces, hood up to keep warm, sip of water etc. Concurrent activity will streamline your effort.

9. Mostly, have fun. Enjoy the moment. Do your preparation in advance like fitness, kit and plans and then kick in to the challenge. Smile, share jokes, enjoy the suffering! It's an epic challenge.

As a business we don't run open challenges we look to run this for businesses or groups who want to complete this as a team. Email us at enquiries@aspire-adventures.com if you'd like to discuss how we can support your goals and aspirations.

See you on the hill.

Team Aspire

PS - Here's a bonus one...

10. If you're using an electric vehicle be sure to plan your charges accordingly and have backup options incase infrastructure isn't working.