It is with deepest regret that we must confirm that Aspire Adventures & Expeds Limited is filing for liquidation and as a result has currently ceased trading. Jason Rawles, Director, is deeply sorry for all the people this will impact, he knows very well the distress and disruption this news will cause, especially to those who had just arrived in Tanzania. 

Jason had fought tirelessly to try to prevent this situation by gathering the necessary funds but circumstances beyond his control and increased costs meant that these attempts were sadly not successful.  

This situation has taken a very heavy toll on Jason personally, he has been in crisis for the past week or so and we have been very worried for him.  Sadly, this has impacted his response to this situation and his subsequent communications. Thankfully, Jason is now committed to getting himself well again and he will work with the insolvency practitioner to minimise the impact of this on customers as much as is humanly possible.  

While we fully appreciate this is a very worrying time for customers, there is now a process that needs to be followed and further information will be sent directly to customers as soon as possible.

In the meantime, for all customers who paid Aspire Adventures & Expeds by card, it would be advisable to contact card issuers to explain the situation and to see if any refunds are available through that route.  

Jason set this business up to deliver genuinely transformational experiences through adventure and he is devastated to have let his customers down.

Posted by a trusted friend on behalf of Jason Rawles, Director of Aspire Adventures & Expeds Limited