Nine benefits to businesses that adventure brings

Managers and leaders will want to read this immediately...


There is no question that adventure can cost something whether that's actual cash or time and effort. So, why should businesses make this investment in their teams? 

We can answer this below -

1. When people do adventurous things it builds their resilience. They know they can do more than they believed. When faced with challenges in the workplace they are more likely to lean in rather than lean away.

2. Activity contributes towards physical wellbeing. People are more healthy and healthy people are also happy people. This could lead to less sick time so more business productivity.

3. When people are happy they are in a much better mental state. Happy people make workplaces more productive and a place where they want to be. Mental health improves massively.

4. When people spend time together working towards a common objective like an adventure, they come together more closely. In the workplace this leads to reduced friction and improved communication

5. Adventures build courage and when people feel more courageous they feel more capable. This could lead to more getting done in less time which improves profitability, top line growth or things like reduced new product launch time. 

6. Happiness is contagious. A happier place where people want to be means they'll want to work for you. This means they don't have their head on a swivel and will be actively looking to leave You will retain great people for longer.

7. When you set up the adventures correctly they can be really empowering. Empowered people are less of a drain on the overall resources of an organisation. This means you can do more with the same. More deals, projects, launches and more problems solved.

8. Shared adversity promotes togetherness. Working towards common goals, with everyone working in unison, helps forge bonds that will last for years if not decades. Teams working in harmony are geared up for success and more independent from leadership. 

9. Your customers will love you for it. Or your partner network. You'll be seen as a leader in your field who invests in people and in turn, they'll look after the stakeholders important to your success. The PR opportunities are endless along with creating incredible marketing content.

10. Yes, we said nine, but have a bonus. Adventures are incredible for raising money towards charitable aims. You could align with your CSR goals and raise much needed funds for (e.g.) a corporate charity. This is a double whammy and could release more from another budget.

So, there we are.

Nine/ten reasons...

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See you on the hill.

Team Aspire