Shared adversity brings teams together

This creates high performing teams...


Let's start with what we mean by "shared adversity". Going through tough times together. Challenges etc. Doing something that requires a lot of effort but as a group or team.

For example, in this picture we set the group a few challenges in one day of adventure amazingness -

1. Solve a set of problems to find some clues.

2. The clues had to come together to find a grid reference.

3. The grid reference brought the team back together.

4. There was then one bigger challenge for the team to work together.

5. They were also tasked with bringing back litter from their travels.

The challenges were staggered in effort to allow for varying physical abilities and they had to demonstrate leadership, problem solving, communication, priority management and being open and honest as a group.

The outdoor nature of the challenge led to physical wellbeing and the achievement supports self-esteem and improved mental health.

All of this from an adventure challenge.

All of this brings people together.

A common goal. Fun. Shared effort. Shared reward. Memories made. Improved communication. Reduced friction. Togetherness. Empathy and understanding.

This is why shared adversity brings teams together.

We see this on expeditions to places like Everest Base Camp and Kilimanjaro. People come together not knowing each other and leave friends for life.

They have come together focused on a common goal of success and they work to support each other.

Within all of this our role is to create that environment and then, based on all of our experiences, we then let the magic happen.

We believe every business or organisation around the world should be engaged in adventure activities to bring teams together...

1. Top line revenues would improve.

2. You'd retain the best people for longer.

3. Relationships with clients would improve.

4. Your profitability would grow.

5. There would be less friction in the workplace.

6. People wellbeing would massively increase.

The question now is - why would you not engage in these types of activities?

Spend £50,000 on corporate dinners and drinks or spend less on achieving more?

Email and let's help your business to be better.

Nothing changes if nothing changes and all that.

See you on the hill.

Team Aspire