Safety is our top priority in all we do

It's our top priority...


We love that people are so focused on their mountain and expedition objectives with us. Absolutely love it.

However, we see things slightly differently. 

Our number one focus is your safety. Always.

We look at things in this order -

1. Your safety.

2. Having fun.

3. Your objective.

We take safety really seriously and here's what we do to help manage that...

1. We have oxygen available on all of our high altitude experiences in case of an emergency.

2. Our guides and leaders all have extensive first aid and trauma training and have vast amounts of kit if needed.

3. We have doctors on stand-by incase we need prescriptions medication (which we carry) and a satellite phone to contact them.

4. Our in-country teams (where appropriate) have robust processes to get access to medical care, emergency evacuation and more so if needed, they're there.

This is why people book multiple experiences with us and charities and businesses trust us with their people and teams.

Safety first.

We have your back.

You can trust us.

Get booked on to that experience of a lifetime.

See you on the hill.

Team Aspire