United Kingdom·June 3 2023

The Aspire Adventure Walk

A one day adventure walk for friends, families, colleagues or on your own to safely get outside in to nature.



This is the adventure day you have dreamed of and can spend time on your own, with friends, family or colleagues. The Aspire Adventure Walk will be fully guided and medically supported for all abilities based from the incredibly beautiful location of Castleton in the Peak District. There will be four walks to choose from - TRANQUIL will be around 3km in distance and be suitable for those with pushchairs. This is perfect for you if you have little legs with you or want to be on terrain that isn't too complicated. CIVILISED will be around 7km in distance with around 300ft of height gain. This is perfect if you have small kids with you or you want to try a walk out in nature but are feeling a little apprehensive. ADVENTURE will be around 11km in distance with around 800ft of height gain and summit Mam Tor. This is perfect if you have some experience walking but have some anxiety with getting in to the higher hills. BIG DOG will be for a more seasoned hiker totally around 20km in distance and summit Mam Tor and head across the Kinder plateau. This is for you if you have some experience and want to stretch your adventure boundaries a little more. You can chat with pals, make new friends, catch up with colleagues, raise money for charity or kick back and enjoy the great outdoors knowing you'll be kept safe and well. Kids 15 and under will walk for free with a maximum of 2 kids per 2 adults. Once you have booked you'll receive a kit list, details for the day, car parking information and a special discount to one of the UK's leading outdoor retailers. The cut off for joining this walk will be one month before (so we have the right number of medals and safety crew) but we reckon you'll be booking long before then!

What's Included

What's Included

Qualified Guides


Finisher Medal

Discount Code for Kit

Easy to Follow Routes

Special Aspire Discounts

Car Parking


Personal Kit










Add Ons

Aspire Beanie

Aspire Beanie


Aspire Trucker Cap

Aspire Trucker Cap


Aspire Neckwear

Aspire Neckwear




The walks will have staggered start times with the first ones being the longer ones.

BIG DOG will start at 08:00.

ADVENTURE will start at 08:45.

CIVILISED will start at 09:15.

TRANQUIL will start at 10:00.

Lots of parking around the area from the postcode mentioned in the experience. Costs vary from £4.00 for a few hours to £6.00 for the day. Most take cards but it's best to have coins.

There are a few ways and we love the question -

1. Look at car sharing if you can.

2. Don't use single use plastics.

3. Ensure you leave no rubbish and even better, put everything in reusable containers.

4. Consider public transport and with this being a Saturday there are more options.

These are a couple of things to consider. Why not arrange a training walk with some friends and discuss what else could be done?

At this point in time we don't know and generally the weather is more accurate around 48hrs out.

If you put "Castleton weather" in to your search engine, a few days out, it will tell you what to expect. Definitely ensure you get the Castleton that's in the Peak District.

We will send an email out just before, with a view, but you can always check yourself just in case our one goes to junk.

As parents or guardians the kids will be with you at your own discretion. You'll need to ensure they have adequate food, clothing and hydration for the duration of your walk and be protected from the elements.

You'll receive a kit list in advance along with a discount to one of the UK's most amazing outdoor retailers.

Also, if you head to our BLOG you'll see a kit list for UK mountains which can be modified for the walk you're doing.

Things to consider -

1. Protection from the elements weather that's wind or rain and also the sun.

2. Having enough food or water for your experience.

3. Suitable footwear that's comfortable.

4. Whatever is needed for kids if they're going you.

5. Keep warm and dry.

6. Some basic first aid and any personal medication you may need.

The rest is about having fun, enjoying the day, making amazing memories and doing something incredible.

The Aspire Adventure Walk

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