Trips To Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Island Peak & More | Reserve From £548pp | Monthly Payment Options Available

Trips To Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Island Peak & More | Reserve From £548pp | Monthly Payment Options Available

Trips To Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Island Peak & More | Reserve From £548pp | Monthly Payment Options Available

Trips To Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Island Peak & More | Reserve From £548pp | Monthly Payment Options Available

Trips To Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Island Peak & More | Reserve From £548pp | Monthly Payment Options Available

Tanzania · June - April


Transform your life with this incredible expedition to the highest freestanding mountain in the world via the 7-day Machame route.



This incredible expedition will follow the 7-day Machame route to the summit and back via Mweka camp to complete a transformational and life changing adventure experience. You will make your way to Kilimanjaro airport to be collected and transported to the team hotel. This forms day one of your trip with Aspire Adventures. We then check kit, make plans and get excited for your expedition of a lifetime. Tonight we spend in a hotel and get to know each other a little more. Day two is transport to Machame gate where we meet the extended team and get all the permits and kit ready. On this day we walk for 5-6hrs to Machame camp with around 1,100m of ascent over 11km. Tonight is our first night in a tent until we get back. Day three we walk to Shira Cave camp which is around 4-5hrs with around 800m of ascent and 5km in distance. Day four we take in some ascent to help with the acclimatisation with a walk to Lava Tower for lunch and then ascent to Barranco camp. We reach an altitude of 4,600m and then descend to 3,900m. Total distance walked is around 10km with 800m of ascent and then 700m of descent. Day five we attack the Barranco Wall and then on to Karanga camp. The wall is around 200m of height gain and then we have some gradual ascent and descent in to Karanga camp. Day six is a short walk to Barafu camp with 700m of ascent over 5km of walking. Here we rest for the afternoon before the ascent push. Day six and seven is the summit push and walk to Mweka camp. We generally start at midnight and aim for 6-8hrs to the summit and then 3hrs back to Barafu camp. We then rest, have lunch and sort kit before the 4hr walk to Mweka camp. Day eight is a short stroll to Mweka gate for a beer, sign out from the mountain and head back to our hotel for a well deserved shower and celebration meal with certificate ceremony. Day nine is depart. Above timings are all subject to change according to speed of team and overall safety. Example meals could be - Breakfast: Eggs, porridge, fruit, toast with jams and spreads. Lunch: Pasta, fruit, vegetables, soup. Dinner: Chicken, chips, meat, spaghetti, soup, fruit, veg. All food requirements can be catered for. Cost includes: 2 x hotel nights B&B, guides, porters, tent use, food on the mountain, safety oxygen, access to medical kit, doctors on standby, transport to/from airport. Cost excludes: Tips, visa, insurance, personal items, international flights.


Your expedition plans...




Day One

You're collected from the airport and we gather at the team hotel to check kit, sort plans and get excited for the journey ahead.


Day Two

We get bits together and start at the Machame Gate for our first night on the mountain.


Day Three

Heading to Shira Cave camp today.


Day Four

Today we head over Lava Tower to 4,600m and then down to Barranco camp.


Day Five

Up the Barranco Wall and then to Karanga camp.


Day Six

Gentle walk to Barafu camp before a rest and then midnight start for the summit.


Day Seven

Summit push is over and then down to Mweka camp.


Day Eight

Walk off the mountain today and back to the hotel for showers, beer, wine, celebration meal and certificate ceremony.


Day Nine

Departure day...

What's Included

What's Included

Two nights hotel



Water on the mountain

Emergency oxygen

Doctors on standby

Tent use (shared)

Transport to/from airport

Food on the mountain




Personal items

International travel




Add the number of people you'd like to book and you'll see deposit and payment plan options if available along with any additions you may like to add...


If you look in the information section you'll find some example meals that are served. Importantly, if you have any food intolerances or needs, they can be catered for.

The team obtain water and ensure it's purified before being given to us. There is more than enough to keep you hydrated. Some people bring things like berocca or hydration tablets to add some flavour.

Generally wake up between 6am and 7am (depending on the day) with tea/coffee delivered to your tent. Then we pack our personal kit and head for breakfast in the mess tent. After that we walk for either the morning or the day, stopping for lunch or getting to camp in time for food. Every evening we tell you in detail what the next day is like.

Altitude is very individual but at it's simplest level it's about a steady pace, lots of rest, hydrate and eat as much as you can. The body can adapt but it needs time, hence move steady. The route is designed to help acclimatise and we have experts on hand (plus meds) to deal with all scenarios.

Kilimanjaro isn't about being super fit it's more about listening to the team and being really well organised. When you book you get a 3-month training plan plus a free 30mins online PT assessment to help you get ready.

It's okay, this is normal. We have got your back. If things become too overwhelming please do email the team and someone can give you a call back to discuss your apprehensions. Some nerves are good, it focuses the mind, and just imagine how it will feel after when you've completed this exciting expedition!


June 10 - 18 2023

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

July 1 - 9 2023

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

September 2 - 10 2023

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

September 23 - October 1 2023

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December 30 2023 - January 7 2024

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

January 13 - 21 2024

FROM$2,816.55 /pp

January 20 - 28 2024

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

February 24 - March 3 2024

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March 23 - 31 2024

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

June 22 - 30 2024

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

September 7 - 15 2024

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

January 18 - 26 2025

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

January 25 - February 2 2025

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

February 15 - 23 2025

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

February 22 - March 2 2025

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

March 15 - 23 2025

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

March 22 - 30 2025

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

April 19 - 27 2025

FROM$3,201.15 /pp

April 26 - May 4 2025

FROM$3,201.15 /pp


Tanzania · June - April · 8 nights

$2,816.55 /pp