How to get the best possible sleep and rest on Kilimanjaro

The kit you'll need for the best sleep...


Why is sleep so important on a trip like Kilimanjaro? It's because it's when your body acclimatises and repairs. Even if you can't sleep being comfy and rested is a decent second place.

If you're on an Aspire Adventures trip your tents will be set up for you and there will also be a foam mat within. We sort that but we also strongly recommend you beef that up a little.

Let's explain what we recommend to help you get rested and the best possible sleep.

Looking at the above pic going right to left...

An inflatable sleeping mat to give some extra comfort and insulation from the ground. This doesn't have to be too whizz bangy as they can get pretty expensive. Jason (CEO) is trialling the above one from Kilos Gear and it hasn't been tested yet so no recommendation. A perfectly good EXAMPLE IS HERE from Vango.

You'll note an empty pillow case. This can be filled up with things like jackets to make a nice pillow to help you sleep and rested better. Just a little home comfort.

The sleeping bag here is the Rab Ascent 900. The 900 is the amount of fill and the higher the number, the warmer it is. For us, this is a superb all rounder that has multiple uses. Lower down it can be used like a duvet and up higher, where it's colder, it's toasty. Others are available of course like the OEX Leviathan 900. EXAMPLE HERE from Rab which is shown. Ultimately the comfort rating is what you're looking at.

A sleeping bag liner can help beef up the warmth and also keep your sleeping bag a little cleaner. Or, it can be used lower down when it's warmer and you don't want the toastiness of the bigger bag. The one here is by The North Face and an EXAMPLE HERE from Sea to Summit.

Ultimately, you'll know whether you sleep warm or cold so need to think about the right bag and kit for you. Please do email if you have any worries or questions about this. Sleep and rest is VITAL.

Team Aspire