How to keep going when things get tough

Three ways to tough it out...


Adventure and expeditions are the most incredible way to enable positive change in people. To help build courage, resilience and wellbeing. This is why we bang the drum about them being transformational.

More than the objective itself. They are life changing.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world on an adventure. It could be heading in to the UK mountains or something at high altitude with a technical twist like Island Peak in Nepal (the image on this blog is the summit ridge).

At some point, within the context of what it all means to you, it could get tough. We'd love to share 3 tools that you can deploy when this happens to squeeze an extra few % to get you closer to your success.

1. Control things in advance

When things get tough it's really easy to find an excuse to bail out. Things like having a blister, not having enough sleep, not eating enough, the niggling injury, lost your head torch etc. You need to control as much of this as you can, all the time, so as to keep these things out of your mind. We call this your "personal admin" and it's something you can really be on top of.

When it gets tough you then have less excuses to pull upon and then the reasons to progress are significantly greater than the reasons to quit.

2. Remember your WHY

There's a reason why you're on your adventure and it will be more than just the end goal itself. You may be feeling lost in life and need something to energise you. You may need something to plan for as you're totally bored. It could well be that you have this itch you can't scratch or may be you need a kick in the pants with regards to wellbeing and health. Stop, breathe, take a moment to remember and then take two steps forward.

Remembering your WHY will give you enough impetus for few steps forward and then you're off again.

3. Create a powerful image in your mind

How will it feel when you go home and your kids have written a well done note and have a banner waiting for you? How will it feel to know you've raised money for charity and they say thank you in and email with details of all the people you've helped? How will it feel when your loved ones tell you how proud they are of you? What does it look like as you're stood at your adventure objective? How big is your smile?

This stuff is so powerful. Create the images in your mind of (e.g.) walking through the door and the kids running up and hugging you etc. etc. 

Creating this images and feelings will help you find the extra step when it's really challenging to give you tools to success.

This is how you build courage, reduce anxiety, improve wellbeing and transform your life. This is how you get to turn the page in your book of life. To write the next one as you want it to be.

Also, these are tools you can deploy in the workplace or in life. Control what you can, remember why you're there and create powerful visions of success.

As we keep saying, adventure is more than the "thing"? 😁

See you on the hill.

Team Aspire