Five items to make an expedition more comfortable

These 5 items will help make your expedition more successful...


So you've booked yourself on a trip like Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro or other expedition and you've decided which boots to take and your layering systems.

However, something is eating away at you.

What else should I be taking to help make this more successful. Do not worry, we are here to help!

These 5 items will help -

1. Earplugs

Tea houses in the Himalaya, huts in the Alps and camps on Kilimanjaro can be noisy affairs. It's nobodies fault as such. People get up for the toilet, people snore and things happen around you that you can't stop from happening. Takes some earplugs and get yourself some well deserved rest.

2. Entertainment

There can be a lot of down time on expeditions. Having some headphones to listen to audible books, music or podcasts can be a god send. Even in the tent or tea house while you're looking to relax. A book, some cards etc. can also help fill that dead time.

3. Power Pack

We all know we live in a digital world so need to keep stuff charged up. AirPods, phone, watches and more. Get one that's ruggedised and you don't need to spend any more than £50 or so. Some also have some solar panels on so you can try and keep it topped up with charge as you go along. Don't forget cables!

4. Pillow Case

A small slice of home while you're away. What you can do is stuff it full of clothes that you're not wearing and hey presto, you have a pillow to sleep and rest with. 

5. A Monzo Card

Something that really foxes people is how to deal with money overseas. They end up having their personal bank cards declined or even block. A Monzo card is pre-paid with cash and then you can get money from ATM's and because the foreign exchange rate is decent, even pay for goods. CLICK HERE for a link to get one.

These 5 items will absolutely help you to have a more successful expedition experience.


See you on the hill.

Team Aspire