Expedition considerations check list for successful preparation

Important things not to forget...


In no particular order or timeline, the below are really important factors to consider when planning your trip to places like Island Peak, Everest Base Camp or Kilimanjaro.

Whether you're with us at Aspire Adventures, or someone else, we want to ensure you are tee'd up to be successful.


You need to check whether the place you're going to has visa entry requirements. Most do. Some let you arrange this when you arrive and you may need to pay something like $50. Ensure you have cash in the right currency and any paperwork filled out in advance. You could also do this online or perhaps even send off your passport. On that note, ensure your passport is valid for the time you're away and in line with the requirements of the country you're entering.


It's still a thing and may always be. Ensure you have checked the requirements and have any necessary paperwork sorted. Some airlines may not even let you on the plane if you don't have the bits needed for the country you're going to. If you haven't been vaccinated then double, double check everything.


This is very much a personal choice. You MUST be responsible for what you choose to get. It's also worth checking what is compulsory or optional. Consult with your local travel clinic and then make choices right for you and your expedition. At Aspire Adventures we will tell you what we do but you must then choose yourself.


You need adequate insurance for your trip (blog post here) and have it in place in good time. For example, if 8 weeks out you get injured you may have to claim on your insurance as the trip T&C's may not allow for a refund or cancellation as everything has been paid for. You also need to consider helicopter evacuations, repatriation, lost luggage etc.


A lot of airlines recently have been changing flights at the last minute. Keep an eye on things and ensure you communicate with the people you've booked with especially if they're collecting you from the airport on arrival.


Do you know the plan for tips and local currency? One great option is to use a pre-paid card so you don't have to expose your main bank accounts to any fraud or loss (blog post here) but you need some kind of plan and understanding. It might be the tips are in USD but the snacks and sundries are paid for in local currency and can only be obtained from exchange bureau's or ATM's in the country you travel to.


Ensure you have enough personal medication for the duration and if you feel anxious, go get a check up and this can also include dental work too. You'll probably have medication on your kit list like paracetamol plus also Diamox (if necessary to aid with acclimatisation). Do your research, check with your organisers and make a plan. If you have food allergies etc. please do communicate those.


We live in a world where are smartphones are everything! Phone, camera, organiser etc. so you need to decide what kind of experience you want. Do you want to detox or have access to data to post on social platforms. Some phone providers can give you a small ££ uplift to use your data and other places will charge £3.50+ for 1mb (average picture size is 4mb+ so an expensive post on Facebook). You could get a local SIM but like all of this, it's your choice and then make a plan.

This will help you get ready and geared up for success.

See you on the hill.

Team Aspire