Team Aspire

Team Aspire

While we're based in the UK we get to play on the world stage, Team Aspire spreads from Menai Bridge in Anglesey to Kathmandu and beyond. Here's some of the legends who make up the Aspire engine in the UK and around the world.

We're only great because we're supported and work with great people...

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Rawles

Jason loves to spend as much time as possible helping people, teams and leaders to achieve their goals and aspirations. Jason is hugely thankful and grateful for the amazing teams that support the Aspire family.

Assistant to Jason

Tracy Suff

Tracy loves travel, hiking and the outdoor life. She enjoys an adventure challenge and has recently taken up Triathlons after learning to swim during Covid. You’ll find her helping to organise events, operations and… Jason too.

Head of Socials

Danielle Carrigan

Danielle heads up SpaceTime VA and is pivotal in helping us with our social strategy including content, general management of the platforms and more. She also shares our love for the outdoors!

Operations Executive

Cassy Revell

Cassy is the operational heart of what we do including kit checks, special projects and in general making magic happen. Cassy has extensive travel experience and like us all, loves adventuring.

Our Legendary Ambassadors

We love our ambassadors as they've been on many Aspire Adventure experiences and expeditions and want to shout about their experience with us...


Gina Moore

You'll be hard pushed to find someone more inspirational than Gina outside of this ambassador page! Hill runs, mountaineering and more. That's Gina!


Leon Bosch

Not only is Leon a legendary adventurer but he's pretty handy with taking pics! Leon is as at home in the mountains as he is outdoors with his family. 


Jane Honey

Jane is, quite simply, one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Not only a hardcore adventurer but just loving the outdoors with her pooch, Ned.


Dee Mohammed

Not only is Dee a hardcore adventurer but he's incredibly passionate about raising money for charity and the wellbeing of others. What a legend!


Adam Lightowler

The man, the myth, the legend. A man of values, adventure and family. Adam has been on multiple trips with us and he has a special place in our hearts.


Lisa Anne

Brave and courageous are just two words to describe this legend. Having just got back from Kilimanjaro we instantly asked Lisa to join us so she can inspire you, too.

Our Local Superheroes

It takes a HUGE team to make the magic happen for Aspire Adventures. Here's a few of the superheroes who may well be supporting your experience with us...

Sherpa - Nepal

Dorje Gyelzen

Everest legend, friend of Jason and we love him so much. Maybe seen on Island Peak or Everest Base Camp.

Guide - Nepal

CR Dahal

CR has led many Everest Base Camp expeditions and is a wealth of knowledge. He also loves our Aspire stickers!

Owner - Tanzania

Oscar Mosha

Oscar is one of the two business owners in Tanzania that support our Kilimanjaro trips. Lodrick is the other. Amazing lads.

Guide - Tanzania

James Kivuyo

James the Legend has worked with us on numerous Kilimanjaro expeditions and we have so much love for him. 

Leader - UK

Charlie Beale

Charlie has worked on loads of UK challenges for us and is active in Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue. Total hero.

Leader - UK

Chris Mutton

Chris is a machine in the mountains and spearheads lots of challenges and adventures for us. Literally never runs out of steam!